Doctor’s advice before using the drug

TravelMag roll call helps you to 5 kinds of medicine to bring for travel that everyone should prepare in their luggage. Do you check if you are missing anything?

The tour will be less fun if you have health problems. Sometimes common illnesses such as headache, flu, diarrhea … also make you uncomfortable, losing confidence. Having basic medicines in your luggage will help you handle them in time. Find out what medicines to bring to travel with TravelMag below!

Mosquito and insect repellent – Hot and humid weather in many places is favorable conditions for mosquitoes and insects to rage. You also know that the itchy, red, swollen feeling of being bitten by mosquitoes during your travels can be annoying. So keep an insect repellent in your bag, especially if you’re going on a trekking trip or camping in the woods. Mosquito and insect repellents are the most convenient. However, the drug is only a part, you still need to protect your body completely with a “full combo” of long-sleeved clothing, long-necked socks closed shoes when camping in the forest.

Blueberries contain anthocyanins that help to create their distinctive color, while they also contain antioxidants that are able to fight free radicals and help the body fight the development of cancer, heart disease and degenerative brain disease.

Koan Conella

Creative Copywriter